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My parents are in a process of getting divorce. Before this issue my mother rent out her two flats and my father 1 shop to the bank for 10 years. Now on 10 years are complete , the bank wants to continue the agreement with my mother and father. They are also willing to continue the agreement but after hearing the divorce issue they said that there is loan on my mother’s property . They sent us the draft of new agreement this week but according to them from our 2 years payment ,the loan will be deducted they don’t give us anything in writing or show us any papers of loans ….The Bank also says that our property is mortgage . The bank who claims my mother have loan is the same bank who’s the tenant of our property for 10 years. I want a advice on this matter . I don’t believe whatever the bank is telling us .


  1. why dont u ask from you mother …..? if there is amy loan then they are bound to issue the statement of loan,

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