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Assalam o alaikum this is rukhsar from karachi i have a very serious issue i really want a reliable solution which i can implement. actually my husband has a building which is named by my husband n his mother both n father is not alive. he want to sell that building but the issue is that her mother is missing since 4 years nobody knows where is she no idea that she is alive or not now. so the lawyer says that there is no solution to sell that building as the one owner is missing otherwise he is single means he has no brother but he has step brothers so he is threaten by them thats y he is insecure n wanna sell as soon as possible. can u give me a solution what can we do? accept to make a dead certificate of his mother plzzzz advice me whatever is possible in this case ill wait for ur ans thanks.


  1. Please file a case before Session Judge t declare her missing, after getting a decree from court you may sell out the property alone.

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