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I am here to share some sort of information with you Sir and if you don’t mind Sir could you please please Sir help me out for once and tell me please Sir how can I solve the problem, Thank you Sir  ………………Sir I have been interfering and violated also a threaten by calling a police and the reason is I can live my own LIFE as I do I mean in my way and I won’t asking any help like i can make dinner by myself and i cleaning and washing the dishes and take care also of my Pets my cats and I do also network affiliate marketing and graphic design and animation online with some sort of Multinational Companies throughout the globe …………… and after that in my whole life and career my parent are try to stop mee and violated into my work and also make things bad if I am try to stop them you know my parents doesnt want mee to see to earning some sort of money and do my job and take care of my Cats since the past thirty to forty years I am trying too start my studies and try to complete done finish my education but they my Parents once create some trouble a lots of lots trouble in my life and the purpose is the same to try to stop my working my education and then threatening mee if i want to live in this house then I can do what they (Parents) say other wise they can call the Police and Sir …………………… thats the reason I am here tell mee can I make contact with a lawyer and discuss my history and then make contact with te Police or Rangers and then make them arrest first my Parents and then take them to the Police or Rangers headquators and then finally my Lawyer and the Rangers officials can  remind one thing to my Parents no matter how long do i live in this house they my Parents has to stay away for mee and my Cats and my personal matters  because I am not the one who need help or any advice of what i am suppose to do or how i have to go make some plans about my life Sir, Tell me as according to the LAW of justice and the supreme court of Pakistan HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS CASE and also How can i ask for the protection and for the HELP for the Government of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan as according to the LAW, Thank you Sir


  1. Your case is a new matter for us, you should visit our office to consult your case in detail. Please also mention your age. No one. even parents have no right to abuse or torture any child, for that cause you may file a police complaint.

    you may call us on 0321 4610092 for more consultation,. thanks

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