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Dear Sir,

Name Change in NADRA. My wife has fought me and gone to her father’s home in a pregnancy situation and gave birth to a baby boy there and intentionally put his name against my will which I express before pregnancy. Now she has filed a family case against me but I am going to apply for the NADRA birth certificate of my newborn son without providing them hospital birth certificate and showing that this baby is born at home. My question is that either my wife can change son name if I register my choice name of my son in NADRA or is there any legal issue for me in the future as this baby is born in a hospital which I didn’t mention in the NADRA birth application as this birth has taken place when my wife is at her father home.
Kindly guide me in this regard. I would be thankful.



  1. as per law, birth should be registered at a concerned union council, where at the time of birth child was residing. However, in our society, if a child’s born at a hospital in even a different area his birth is being registered at his home address. SO, you may get a new birth certificate or Nadra registration. Even otherwise father is a natural Guardian you have every right to get the registration of your child’s birth. However, in your case, we recommended that simply get registered a new name in NADRA in your Family Registration Certificate (FRC) directly. Then it’ll not possible for your wife to change the same without a court decree.

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