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I am a university Student doing BS in Computer Science and I am also a Hafiz -e- Quran Alhamdulilah,

My problem is that I have Hafiz written on my all educational documents including SSC, HSC and in university (because they take name from HSC), but my name on CNIC is without Hafiz.
All I just wanted to know is that’s an issue ? incase if I have to apply for foreign universities will that cause an issue there ?
or working in Pakistan if it matters in any way.

Please help.


  1. Yes it ll be big problem for you , you must change you name now on CNIC as passport ll be issue on same name and then foreign universities ll not recognize you .

  2. 14/09/2016

    How about changing the name on SSC and HSC certificates only. I think showing Honorary name i.e HAFIZ on CNIC will not look good.

    • This not Honorary name when it is on your documents. you have to file a civil suit for declaration before civil court through a lawyer for this change against NADRA.

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