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Dear Sir,

My name is ……………………… my nikah was done 3 years back but still we are not doing rukhsati. I am not ready to accept this girl as my wife.Kindly tell me the procedure to get talaq to her I have to pay any amount for getting talaq. Because in nikah conditions it is clearly mentioned that if husband marries to another girl then he will have to pay 5 lakh to his wife or if husband give divorce to his wife and in condition of disunion husband will have to pay 10 thousand in every month as expense to his wife the all conditions are written without my knowledge and without my permission they cheated me . But here the problem is I haven’t met my wife once ever.I seems that her parents are blackmailing now just to get money, that’s why from last 3 years we are not doing rukhsati. Please give me advise


  1. as per agreement apko 5 lac rupees pay aap tan dain gay ager bila waja talaq dain gay warna nahi. wase yea shrt ghair islami ha …ap isko challenge kar sakty han n warna apka cae bht clear ha.

    wase bhi yea tab lago hoti ha jab wo apki zojiat ma ajye ,, abhi to
    raukhsati nae hoe ,,,> so apko ko koe pasa nae dena pary ga..

    phr bhi aap chahen to apni biwi ko basane ka dawa family court ma kr sakty
    han. or court us ko abadd hone ka hukam day gee warna apko dosri shahdi ke
    ijazat adalat da dee gee

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