Question :

In Nikahnama, clause # 19 is mentioned as:
“Husband ke divorce deney ki soorat mein husband rs. 50 lac harjana deney ka paband ho ga”.

My question is this condition is valid if girl applies for khula? Or it is only applicable if husband gives divorce to wife?


  1. The wording is very clear. its only apply husband, if he give divorce then wife may get fine. So, there is no restriction of wife for getting divorce or Khula.

  2. 02/10/2016

    No, my question was not related to if wife can take khula or not.
    What I wanted to ask was:
    1) if Husband gives divorce, then this condition applies and husband has to pay the amount mentioned.
    But if wife applies for khula, even then husband has to pay this or not?

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