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Dear Paklawyer,

I need advice about documents required to marry a German woman. I am living in Germany for two years and now i want to marry a German woman the German authorities asked about some documents from Pakistan which are namely no marriage certificate and another one certificate of nno objection to marrying. The question is that in No marriage certificate stamps from which Office is required. Is it enough to have the stamp of Union Council and Foreign Ministry or do i need stamps from District Office too? Secondly if your Law firm has any experience relating to These cases, can you give some advice about that and if you have a representative in District Gujrat then can i get paid legal help?
Any help will be appreciated and waiting for some positive words from your side.

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  1. Yes, our law firm may help you at Gujrat as we also have a sub-office at Gujrat. Single certificate or No-Marriage certificate is issued from DCO office through a proper channel procedure, so it cant be directly issued from Union Council.The application shall be filed before DCO office and then he shall ask the report from concern AC and Union Council along with the presence of your parents and then the same certificate shall be issued, however, affidavit parents also work to issue no marriage certificate. To issue no marriage or single certificate is an easy job but it takes time. No objection certificates are the affidavit issued from parents side that they have no objection marrying.

    if you need our services you may write us at or call or whtsapp at + 92 321 4610092.

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