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Nikkah of my son was held on 4 Jan 15 and left to Finland on 7 Jan 15. On 30 Jan 15 he received a message on facebook that the girl to whom his nikkah was held has many boys friends. He inquired from her and she told him that if the message is true then what will you do. Later on during discussion he divorce him on telephone and he also informed her father. When they have not divorce paper she filed a case for dissolution marriage and non nafqa. The court issue decree of dissolution of marriage and the case of non nafqa and dowry items are held in abeyance. After decree from the court her remarriage was held on 31 Jan 16. The rukhsati was not held and no dowry items were given as per custom in our country. The case is in the court. Please advise further what will I do because my son is out of country.


  1. you must contest the suit through power of attorney , otherwise ex-parte decree ll create problem for you in future . POA can be prepared and you or his friend can contest the suit easily.

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