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Assalam O Alekom
Sir Mai ny Cheque Biunce Fir k Lia 22-A city Court mai appel ki mager Dj ny Order sahi nahi dia please app perh k bata dayn k kia karoon..
No: Criminal Petitions 307/2017, M.Jibran Alam V/S SHO P.S Gulbahar Pending (Instituted) 08-APR-17
Before:- Syed Shakeel Hyder
Crl. Misc. Application No. 305/2017.
Crl. Misc. Application No. 306/2017.
Crl. Misc. Application No. 307/2017.
Muhammad Jibran Alam, Muslim, adult, R/o House No.R-351/1,Sector D/2, North Karachi,
Karachi. Applicant
1. The Station House Officer P.S. Samanabad,Karachi Central.
2. The Station House Officer P.S. Shahra-e-Noor Jehan,Karachi Central.
3. The Station House Officer P.S. Gulbahar, Karachi Central.
Mr. Wahid Ali Jokhio, Advocate for the applicant.
Mr. Emanuel Asher, D.D.P.P. for the State. Date of hearing 13.3.2017
O R D E R.
Applicant Jibran through above three applicatoins wants to lodge FIRs agaisnt the propsoed accsued Muhammad Umar Sultan S/o Sultan Akbar at the Police Stations (i) Samanabad, (ii)P.S. Shahra-e-Noor Jehan and (iii)P.S. Gulbahar.

The facts necessary for dispsal of above there applictions are that the applicant invested his money in the busienss of the propsoed accused who was runnig the business in the name & style of Bullseye, Edge & Chase Company, who has been paying the profit on the invstment of the applcint and when the applicant enhanced his investment in the business, the prosed accsued stopped the payment of the profit and also failed ot pay the invested amount. It is stated that propsoed accused issued certain cheques in favour of the aplciant which have been dishonoured. All the three cheques referred in the petitions refered above, were to be drawn at Summit Bank Dolman City, Clifton Branch, Karchi. The applicant after returning the cheques due to insufiient blance in the account wants to lodge separate FIR for each cheque as the cheque has been dishonoured in clearnce of the banks located at F.B. Area, Shahra-e-Noor Jehan and Gulbahar.
I have heared Mr. Wahid Ali Jokhio, learned cousnel for the applciant, Mr. Emanuel Asher, lerend DDPP for the State and have gone through the matrail available on record.
The applciation addressed to the SHO P.S. Samanabad refelcts that the proposed accused issued certain cheques which have been bounced. The applicant can lodge one FIR of an offence underSection 489-F, PPC, which would cover all the cheques alelgedly issued by the proposed accused. The applicant cannot burden the opponet by the number of the FIR. A cognizable offnce has taken place and it is the requirement of the law that an FIR of such offnce should be registered. Therefore, Officer In-Charge of P.S. Samanabad in whose jurisdicton Bank Al-Habib Limited, F.B. Area Branch is located where cheque No.00541051 issued by the accused has been dishonoured, is allowed while the remaining applciations for registration of the FIR against the proposed accsuedat P.S. Shahra-e-Noor Jehan and P.S. Gulbahar are disposed of. However, the Investigting Officer shall not arrest proposed accused unless he collects evidence. Reliance is placed on case of Doctors Paramedics vs. The Justice of Peace SBLR 2007 Sindh 1043.
Announced in open Court.
Given under my hand and seal of the Court this 13th day of April, 2017.
Sessions Judge/Ex-Officio Justice of Peace,
District Central, Karachi


  1. You have right to challenge this order before High Court, if you are not satisfied.

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