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My friend is currently in a bad situation in Pakistan, her husband is maltreating her and has not processed her papers in Pakistan that made her illegal and overstaying.
Last Nov. She gave birth to a baby girl, she can no longer withstand how her husband treats her and wants to go home in the Phil already, We approached our embassy and had her rescued, but cannot bring the child. The baby girl is only 6 mos old and still breastfed by the mom, isn’t it in Pakistan’s Law of custody, that an infant will be given to the mother for Physical custody until she reached the age of puberty? It is also under the Law of Holy Quran that the child will be given to the mother (hizanat) now they asked to stay because she cannot bring the child. How things supposed to go in this case? Thank you


  1. your information is correct one but Embassy did a wrong thing. However, it’s not too late now. She should immediately come back to Pakistan and should file a petition directly in High court, custody of a suckling baby shall definitely be handed over to mother. Please note the delay in filing a petition shall decrease your chances to win the case. Our law firm may help you to get early Visa and custody of the minor. you may write us @ or Call +92 321 4610092.

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