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Sir I want to ask that my husband gave me one divorce almost 8 months before I have a son. He was sending 2000 rupee for him after giving me divorce he didn’t returned me my dowry articles nothing else. Now he has suited a case in guardian court for the custody of child my baby is 2 years old. My former husband and his family is very cruel. Can I get my dowry articles and permanent custody of my child. His family is uneducated they can’t bring up my son in a well mannered way.. I am a working lady and can afford my child easily


  1. yes, you can get the permanent custody of child and may also get back your dowry articles etc within 3 years of divorce. Maintenance of child is the responsibility of father and he is bound to pay the maintenance to minor, therefore you must also file a suit for recovery of maintenance allowance to minor . you may call us at 0321 4610092 for more consultation.

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