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Respected Sir,
With due respect, it is stated that I am a student of Ph.D. I have been trying to settle all my issues but all in vain. My studies are badly affected. Through a written plea for help, I approached the respected Chairman of the Department of Chemistry on 13th Jan, 2015 regarding hurdles in my research. Instead of any better response, I received verbal abuse, humiliation, moral degradation and disgracefulness. I came to you but referred to Director CIIT ATD.
Later, IRO my subject plea, a meeting on 18th Feb, 2015 was called in department. Without any intimation to me, the meeting was held and pitiless decision was announced i.e. the cancellation of endowment (already approved from the competent authority). Then I have written application to the Director on 5th Mar, 2015 but got no reply. Than I written application to Rector who ordered them to solve the issue as soon as possible but making he case pending and not even listened to me and finally I have got admission cancellation letter of Ph.D on 06-032016.
How can I case against them as I cannot afford to spend huge amount of money.


  1. In my opinion you should file a writ petition before High Court. we can assist you for filing a writ petition in high court. please call or email us with details at

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