Question :

Dear Sir,
3-posts were advertised in the newspaper where nothing was mentioned about women quota. I applied with others and consequently test and interview was conducted. Merit list was issued and I was placed at 3rd position. The department (Election Commission of Pakistan) concerned appointed the 1st position holder while the 2nd and 3rd position holder were not appointed. They only verbally said that these are women quota posts while there is nothing mentioned in the Minutes of the Meeting too.
Sir, My question is:-
whether my vested rights have been created or not ?
Whether the department can leave these posts as it is on the ground mentioned above while they have not mentioned in the advertisement ?

Please guide me and also refer to the Rules


  1. Yes, definitely you have right to challenge the same in a constitutional writ petition under article 199 as your valuable rights have been violated. without wasting further time, engage a lawyer and file writ petition directly before High Court.

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