Question :

Is it legal for shopkeepers in Pakistan to sell their products for more than the price written on the box?
The shopkeepers in my university NUST sells every thing 5-10 Rs more than the MRP written on the box. Is it legal to do so? If not what can I do?



  1. No, its not legal you may file complaint before DCO in this regard directly.

    you may download the app “Punjab Spot Pricing”.

    or you may file complaint as under:-
    If you experience any difference in prices for your local market, you can register complaint with Punjab Government at their toll free number 0800-02346.

    you How to get Today’s Prices on Your Mobile

    You will have to send your city name to 80024 and you will get price details of all essential grocery and food on your mobile.
    Type ‘Price’ ‘City Name’ and send SMS to 80024.
    For instance if you want to receive prices for City and District Lahore, type ‘Price Lahore’ and send it to 80024.

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