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 It is stated that my brother’s wife go to went to her parents home to visit her parents because her father has health issues, then all of sudden out of no where, because she went from our home very fine, then she send notice to brother for Khula, and the case is in family court, judge order to reconciliation, on every hearing date my brother present in court but other lawyer mark the attendence and ranaway last 3 hearing.

I would like to ask that my brother have two minor children (Daughter & Son), Madina (Daughter is 2.5 years old and Bilal (Son is 1 Year old). We want the custody of children, what is procedure and on what ground we can take custody of our minor childrens from her mother. And what is the procedure of interm custody of minors.

Please guide me according to law with any judgment if you have in pdf.


  1. It seems that other party is not interested in Khula and want to continue the marriage, however, Judge may be dismissed the suit in this default.

    Interim custody shall not be possible in your case in my opinion. You should file a custody petition before Guardian Judge, meeting with minors will be started soon.
    You may get the custody of minors only if you have solid proof to believe that welfare of minors lies with you.

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