Question :

Asslam o Alaikum. sir, I want to know that what is the process of khula and which period is required by law to remarry again with another person kindly reply.?


  1. Khula decree from a family court could be issued within 30 to 45 days. The procedure of court is simple. court ll call the husband through notices and publication in a newspaper, after his appearance first date shall be for his written statement after written statement court ll fix a date for reconciliation. If on fix date reconciliation fail, court ll issue the khula decree straight away.
    if he does not appear before the court then an ex-part decree shall be issued in absence of the husband.

    after obtaining khula decree, you must submit it before concern union council along with an application for issuance of divorce certificate where the wife was residing at the time of filing suit before the family court.

    Union council shall issue the notices to husband and ask for reconciliation if reconciliation fails then Union council is bound to issue to talaq certificate within 90 days.

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