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Salam,my ex wife sued me for restoration of dowery articles against me in a civil court and the civil court decreed Rs 4. 0 lac against which I appealed in district court who reduced the amount to Rs. 2. 5 lac instead of 4. 0 lac. But then my counsel asked to send him fee for writ petition in high court as I possess the dowery articles as such and I didn’t took money. I sent him the fee but he didn’t file writ petition in high court. Now how can I get my fee back and the loss of Rs 2. 5 lac due to this professional misconduct of my counsel. Also please let me know that is there any time frame for writ petition in high court against the decision of the district court.


  1. 28/04/2017

    No time frame for high court writ petition however it should be in reasonable time

  2. you may file writ petition in high court now but also see the Decree and Judgment once again as it ll be dowry articles or its alternative price . If you want to take action against professional misconduct against a lawyer, you may file an application before Chairman Executive Committee, Punjab Bar Council. Lahore.

  3. 28/05/2017

    Dear sir, I have read the judgement twice and there is only amount not the dowery articles and my lawyer is continuously refusing to file writ win the high court. As he is an advocate of supreme court, what is the effective forum to move an application against his professional misconduct; Pakistan Bar council or Punjab bar council? Also can I sue him in the consumer court for the compenwof my loss due to his professional misconduct?

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