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I was in a relation with a boy in my class.He once took me to his house during the relationship and brought the Quran and Quran being in his hands promised that he wont ever leave me no matter what and will marry me…later on he broke up with me .I was extremely shocked..he brokeup because he said i dont trust him and we are not compatible.after 1 year of relationship and he got extreme levels of physical with me at his home..I cried and begged him back but he was having fun with and still is using other girls now.can I file legal case against him for breaking his promise of marriage with me after using me physically and mentally and emotionally disturbing me.i am having psychological n health issues


  1. you may consider it a marriage and say you were in believe that “before Quran we got married”. and now he is denying , it now came into your knowledge that it was not a proper marriage and he make Cohabitation deceitfully. So, now you may file a Police complaint against him now , punishment for this act offence is 25 years imprisonment. The law is very much clear regarding this issue;

    under section 493-A PPC, Every man who deceitfully causes any woman who is not lawfully married to him to believe that she is lawfully married to him and to cohabit with him in that belief, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty-five years and shall also he liable to fine.

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