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Good Evening Pak Lawyer team ! I have a question regarding a very serious situation going on in my life. Few years back , my grand father’s sister took her property share and distributed as per her will among her children( Two sons , 1 daughter). But children of her elder son filed a case against her decision after her death and took over the part of property which was actually given to their uncle ( younger son of my grand father’s sister, Also husband of my paternal Aunt ) by force. Now, even when the Court has given its decision in favor of my uncle twice , they keep on filing case again and again just to occupy that land for more time.
Few days ago , my Uncle sold some clay of that land just to make the land appropriate for cultivation but Opponents somehow managed to get an FIR registered against him & my father as well ( saying that case is in progress and we can’t do anything until court give its final decision ). Its because one of opponents is a lawyer and he , along with 10 other lawyers , forced SHO Muridke to register an FIR against us . My question is , when we have Property documents ( Fard Malkiyat ) , copies of court decisions and all relevant documents , who the hell they are to tell us what should we do ? Its been 4 years since they are illegally occupying that land. When are we going to own that land actually if they won’t give up on filing false cases in court again and again ? Kindly suggest a plan of action to get rid of this trouble & make them pay for what they have done ?


  1. if you have any grievance that a lawyer is misusing his power against you then you may file a complaint before Punjab Bar Council. FIR could be cancelled in your case. In which court case is pending….? r they filing new cases or had filed appeal before superior courts. ….?
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