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Q1. Six sisters are owner of 4 Marla house and one sister name jameela Bibi give the all share through cash our 5 sisters and clear the house shares and after receive the cash 5 sisters they give the general power of attorney our sister jameela on 12 december 2016. And after receiving the general power of attorney mst. Jameela Bibi sale the house our husband through general power of attorney and after rigstry the house registered in his husband. The purchaser doing registry on government rates approximately 1620000. After the registry jameela Bibi and her husband no complications and agrees the registey and received the payment of 1620000 our husband in front of two witnenesses. After one month the registry received her husband. After receiving the registry one sister of jameela Bibi put the case in court against both purchaser and seller and issued summons and jameela Bibi sister broken the door lock and live in ground portion and stay against this house. Three portions of house two portions first and second rented and agreement OK new owner of house and one ground portion live sister of jameela Bibi
The sister of jameela Bibi put the case in court and appeal the court that my sister wrong registry and house named our husband and my sister did not give house share and she requested to court that give me 6th share of house. and raised three points sale the house or neelaam the house or separate possession in the house
At present the case in court and what’s decision the court about this case the four sister are already in our sister jameela Bibi
Sir my English is not good I hope u understand the all case and give me reply about this case


  1. 07/04/2017

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