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I need some help in understanding a requirement of the Pakistan Army. My dad was a Retired Major. He passed away a couple months back. So my mother applied for the family pension transfer. Everything was going smoothly until 2 weeks ago when we received a letter from Pakistan Military Accounts Department saying that the auditors had rejected the death certificate provided and that they need a death certificate from Nadra IRO.

Just so you know the death certificate we had submitted was from the Union Council (from Rawalpindi) and was electronically registered with NADRA as well. Since then I’ve called NADRA, contacted a lot of people here and there but no one has been able to explain what NADRA IRO is. Do you have any information that can help me get the matter sorted out?


  1. The NADRA issued the death certificate through Union Council as you have already obtained. Moreover there is a cancellation certificate of NIC.

    Cancellation certificate is a registration document issued to register the termination of ID card in case of death of any citizen. Any blood relative possessing a valid NIC/NICOP, death certificate from union council and the graveyard certificate of the deceased family member, can apply for the cancellation. The original ID card of the deceased is destroyed at NRC to ensure that it cannot be misused.

    Maybe same is the requirement of Army Department. its better to confirm from concern department of Army . Please dot hesitate and visit the department or ask a friend of your father from Army.

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