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I am married for the last 3 years. My husband is employed in UAE. As per our nikah agreement, he said to give me specific maintenance and looks after me, But he hardly pays my expenses only for 4 to 5 months. his attitude is very rude towards me. I am at my parent’s home from1.5 years Now he wants to get the second marriage and said to take revenge he will neither leave me nor stay with me. he is continuously threating if I go court for khula. please tell me is there any law which can give me right to get maintenance and how can I deal with his threats? HOW will long case go?


  1. A husband can not do a second marriage without the permission of the first wife as same is an offence in Pakistan. if he does so, on conviction upon complaint be punishable with the simple imprisonment which may extend to one year and with fine of five hundred thousand rupees.

    you may claim maintenance at any time which could be started within one month. A husband is duty bound to provide maintenance to her wife. If he is threating to you then you may also file a complaint with police.

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