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Hello Sir. My younger brother was involved in a road accident which in result caused death of a road worker and injuring his cousin (both Christians). I was contacted by the police and they asked me to pay them bribe for the disposal of the case to which I refused thinking it (blood money) is the right of the family to have.

After 3 months they arrested my brother and charged him with section 320. Once I bailed him out they later added section 322, too. On which I obtained a pre-arrest bail. During this time I contacted the family of the deceased and made an agreement (sulah-nama) on a stamp paper with n.i.c’s of the deceased’s father and brother (complainant). After which I paid them half of the agreed amount and the remaining half once the case is finished, to which they agreed too. However, now, they have become greedy and are backtracking and refusing to accept the sulah-nama. I am fairly certain the police are encouraging the family to do so on the sides as well. The family now expects the court to allow them deet. I would like to know what I can do in such a case.

Thank you.


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