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AoA, please can anyone reply to this message urgently. I have a piece of land which can be reached through a small road which is off the main road. The road leads to the land of many different people including me. When i bought the land last year i was told that their was no such issue in the road and it can be jointly used by all of the people who have purchased the land. One of the owners of the land had a fight with me a few weeks back because he had blocked the road leading to my property (but he did it through someone elses car and not directly). Today after a year of purchasing my land he issued a stay order against me saying that i cannot use that road to access my land. This stay order was only in my name and in none of the other land owners of that area. He claims to own a very small section of the road. Please can anyone guide me how to further deal with this because he has done this as an act of hatred towards me as he and i dont get along. My reply in the court is next week so please guide me.


  1. yes you have right to use the road to access your land and law of easement helps you for getting your right. dont worry submit a reply along with old maps of that path. stay ll be vacated.

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