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My nikah was done 3 years back but till now the girl parents are not ready to give rukhsati. Now after long conversations with the girl’s family, we tried a lot to convince them but now we have lots of family problems with each other..I am not ready to accept this girl as my wife.Kindly tell me the procedure to get talaq from her and do I have to pay any amount for getting talaq.Because in nikah conditions it is clearly mentioned that if husband marries another girl then he will have to pay 50 lakh to his ex wife. But here the problem is I haven’t met my wife once ever.I seems that her parents are blackmailing now just to get money, that’s why from last 3 years they are not doing rukhsati. Please advice.


  1. what is the condition ! if marrry another girl or divorce …? you meet a lawyer with your documents!

    or send us a copy of nikah nama for better legal advice.

    To pronounce is a legal and sharia right of a husband therefor no restriction can be imposed and if there is any it ll be illegal.

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