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Salam sir
My problem is a bit complicated
My father lives with his brother for more than 25 years and they both bought two houses by sharing money…
My uncle lives with his family ( 7kids and a wife) and my father lives alone as we are living in village.
It means my father mostly give most of the money of both the houses.

Problem starts after my father death and now our uncle took the expensive house and give us the smaller one… we built the house also by our fathers provident funds after his death.
Now our uncle wants us to leave the house..
Wht can we do in this case… the house,in which my uncle is living is on our father name and the itger one in which we live is on our uncle name.


  1. 01/07/2017

    You have to consult while showing the documents as the ecact advice can only be provided after consulting the documents. Feel free to contact me at 03334598315

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