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I want to ask you about sex reassignment related issue. I don’t know how it is possible for me. From my childhood, I always feel my self like I am a boy. I always play with boys toys and I also dressed like boys. Even I always feel I am attracted to girls rather than the boys. I tried too much to console my self I tried to get a relationship with boys but it never helps me. I always in the depression I always afraid off that if someone knows my condition what they think about me. My internal feelings are totally like boys I will never ever live with a boy for my whole life. Now I am decided to change my physical appearance. Which I feel inside now I want to live like that because this depression now kills myself. I tried much time to
kill my self but it didn’t help me. If have any detail about this procedure so please share it.


  1. The procedure is simple and easy.

    1. First of all, you need to get an opinion from a psychiatrist and a
    sexologist that such surgery is necessary for you.

    2. On the basis of opinion and your feelings, we shall file a writ
    a petition before High court to get special permission for change of sex.

    3. AND finally, after orders of the court, we shall get a completion certificate
    from a surgeon and apply for a new ID card from NADRA with a new record.

    hope you understand the whole procedure. if you still need consultation,
    please call us @ +92 321 4610092.

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