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I want to break off relation with my abusive mother and get a rightful share from my deceased father’s property. I am 24 years old girl, an MBBS student. My mother withheld my rightful share from my father’s property and constantly asking me to get financial aid from my institution even when I can afford the charges. She abused me emotionally, physically and sexually since childhood. I lived in depression the whole life and worked hard to get out of that abusive household and make something of myself. Now she is depriving me of my share, since she knows I will get somewhere and she will not be able to further abuse me.Please tell me how to go about it. Thanks


  1. yes, you have right to claim your right, what is the status of property now…is mutation has been done in your favor already.? or property is till in the name of father.

    you can claim partition of suit property or may file a suit for declaration to get it declare as per situation. to start just engage a lawyer or contact us at +92 335 90 99 100 for protecting your legal rights.

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