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Assalamu alaykum,
I am a Pakistani from the U.K. and my wife is from Pakistan, we are sadly separated and she wants a khulla but her family are pushing me to divorce her which I don’t want purely because I believe the marriage can still work.

How can my wife obtain a khulla without me agreeing to it?

Also what am I entitled back, I have heard that if the wife takes a khulla she must return everything that was given to her.

If presumably my wife goes to court and files in Pakistan for a khulla what steps do I need to take and be prepared for?

Advice on the matter is appreciated.
Thank you


  1. She has right to get khulla decree as same is her right.

    NO you have wrong information, She has to return only 25% of Haqmehar only as per new law . The gists once given can not be taken back. hope u understand.

    you have no defence agisnt a khulla suit but hv right to file a written statement in suit and get a chance for reconciliation before court.

  2. 18/07/2017

    dear khula is the right of the women and in khula 25% of prompt dower will be returned. you can file suit for conjugal right against your wife on the basis of love and affection in the family court. in both cases suit for dissolution of marriage on ground of Khula or in conjugal right the court will give the opportunities for reconcile the issues. further detail call 0300-8431006

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