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My noble and respectable father who is 55 years old and a retired teacher also runs a small business. Some people accused him of fraud. Yesterday during a gathering in Police Station the SHO declared them as a liar. Despite this the SHO tortured my father and locked him up in the jail without any warrant or even any proof. After that SHO forced my father to sign on a written and one blank stamp paper that you will not take any action of harassment and torture against the police. In last SHO said stop your business either you will be in trouble for ever.

After ruining our self respect and snatching the sense of security what option is remained behind. We can’t do anything for our living. Mentally highly depressed and feeling helpless.

Please give some better advice what should we do??


  1. Please dont waste your time and immediately file an application before SSP operation for registration of criminal case against same SHO and then file a writ petition before Session Judge for registration of case.

    you may file a direct writ petition before High Court as matter is very serious. dont get afraid from signed stamp paper as same is evidence for some occurrence with Police.

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