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hello i am a content creator from Islamabad i have a YouTube channel named exonerate i thought to do horror pranks so around 7:00 pm i went out with some friends to shot pranks and suddenly the policemen came and they told us that this is illegal we told them that many peoples were doing it like p 4 pakao YouTube channel but they misbehave and told that we will go to police station we told them sorry they asked us for money we didnt have the money so they took our camera I want to ask you what should we do and also that public pranks are legal please give me best advice because I seriously hate policemen who take money


  1. Policemen have committed a crime, you should file a complaint before SSP operation and then may get a direction for registration of the criminal case.

  2. 23/10/2017

    i also want to ask that public pranks on public places are legal or illegal

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