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I’m a British national … came over here few years back to sort out my inheritance after my dad’s death n 1992. We r six sisters and two brothers. I’m a younger brother. All of us gave Power of Attorney to our brother. Our dad business basically comprises of Rental income which he divided amongst us. My brother got the most of the share as he worked with him.
My family left me and started living with her mum and dad back n UK 7 years ago as it was getting difficult to live off on what my brother gave me for house expenditures.
Now I want to get out as well coz I don’t have the money to see my family back n uk.
I recently got hold of a plot file measuring 21acres that my dad left me but somehow it has forge signatures on it. I received some of the money but not all. Plz advice as to what my legal rights are as a British Citizen. Thanx


  1. you have every right to claim your inheritance. Get your Pakistani Origin Card or NICOP and visit our office with documents for a detail consultation.

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