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My sister got married in 2014 . After marriage his husband haven’t took any responsibility of wife and almost from 2014 to 2017 she remain in parents house. After 2 yrs of marriage she blessed one daughter . Now after 3 yrs came in our knowledge to make a marriage with girls is business of our sister husband. As per our knowledge he got married 2 more girls ,one from Pindi and another recent marriage from karachi. He is playing games with their 2 wives .he had given on sampal stamp paper divorce to our sister and handover this stamp paper to recent woman who is from karachi for getting confidence of her that I don’t have any relation with my old previous wife. Same he done with new wife that given same pattern stamp paper to our sister that I don’t have interest in her and this is proof of divorced stamp paper which he handover to our sister. How we get this information that he handover same pattern stamp paper to new wife of our sister divorced paper ..she new wife make contact with our sister and whatsapp her divorced paper. She like this information came in our knowledge. He already sold out sister 10 Tola gold and eat all money. This guy 3rd marriage held in Rawalpindi area where he divorced with any settorments with that party. This all information came our knowledge through his boss where he is working . Kindly advice me what we should do in this situation. We mentally ready for seperation with concentrate of our sister. He is totally cheater and even we are afraid if any patch up came he can sold wife for the sake of money. He is also threatening our sister through text on mobile. His all family supporting all his actions .


  1. According to prevailing laws , a man could not contract a second marriage without permission of first wife as same is offence in Pakistan. It is pertinent to mentioned here that the divorce deed on a stamp paper is not recognized as divorce unless a divorce certificate is issued after proceedings of arbitration council within 90 days.

    you have right to file complaint against him for second marriage and also to get decree for dissolution of marriage on same ground, your sister is also entitled for recovery of total haq-Mehar and his past and future maintenance till the iddat period.

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