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Dear Sir AssalamoAlikum..
My problem is that im living in a three story building it was a 2 story building when i purchased its ground floor but it is not on ownership the owner of the building changed couple of years ago and the third floor was made I dont know how coz there is no permission from KDA to do so…i separated myself and my house from entire building after getting fed up of daily disputes and quarrel i live alone with my son my husband lives outside of the town..I separated my electric lines plus my water connections and made a mini tank system in my own house dig a boring outside and we are getting water from there..I have three entrances in my house one is completely separate ,1 is inside the building which i closed after the building people started parking their vehicles in front of my door and the third one is on the other side where building people have their entrance… it is a corner building now my building people i.e first floor and second floor people want to dig a boring in front of my gate and my window which is maintained and owned by me their entrance is on the other side of my house they have no connection here they dont pay for any thing here i cannot allow their people to destroy my property and cannot allow them to stand near my window or door as the boring machine will make a hell of noise secondly there will be a lot of men working and sitting if they will start digging ..what step can i take to avoid any dispute kindly guide me
Thanks and regards i live in azizabad karachi


  1. yes, you can obtain a stay order from civil court. as same act of other ll disturb your privacy and ll make a nuisance for u.

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