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Plaintiff has filed a suit for partition and possession in civil court. Stay order was granted initially but was vacated as the judge has the view that 760 Kanals of land can not be placed on stay as many co-owners and subsequent vendees can step into the shoes of others. Schemes have been built despite of the vacated stay order and the co-owners have built roads and vacated possession of roads and sold plots to vendees. The deponent delayed in taking the matter to session court against the vacated stay so application was given again in the same civil court for stay but the judge said the same matter on which the stay was vacated can be entertain. I feel the co-owners will consume all our shares towards public roads if not stopped and partition will become almost impossible and lots of demolishing would be required. Kindly advice what could be done as I have provided citation of stay order given by supreme court on similar grounds?


  1. Now partition cases should be decided within two months and as same is residential area it can be divided or internally auctioned. please consult a civil lawyer or visit our office for free consultation along with your case file.

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