Question :

My Sister’s husband dead on 22-Jan-2019, after that about on 30-Jan-2019 some one gave Talak Nama in my Sister home without register post according which, her husband divorced her on 27-Dec-2018. after few days notice from Union Council also received that come to the court of Chairman on 23-Feb-2019, failing will result one side decision.
my Sister along with me go to Chairman Court, secretary present at office ask to submit marriage certificate & birth certificates of there two children and affidavit that i do not demand Talak from my husband, all demanded documents provided after which they demand Fatwa from Muslim Mufti sb to declare noneffective Talak.
question is this if Muslim Family Law 1961 is Passed in Pakistan, so why Union Council demand Fatwa is they true on there way or not. please reply under Muslim Family Law 1961.


  1. Even if the husband has pronounced this Talak, there is no effect as the same has not been effective and no divorce certificate has been issued. The Secretary committed illegality as per Muslim Family Law Ordinance, 1961. She is the widow of the deceased husband and entitled for her legal share in his property. Don’t spare them for this cruelty, Get registration of FIR for preparation of and presentation of fake Talak Nama before Public office.

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