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Wanted to know the proper paper works while filing talaq e mubarat. And how can we track if its filed or not? Whether to sign in front of any authority or its just husband and wife sign and give to the lawyer? Please suggest me the exact procedures and how long will it take to get the certificate?


  1. DEED of talaq Mubarat should be written on a stamp paper of Rs,200/ and it can be signed before Notary public.

    Then an application along with a notice to concern union council (for doing so ) will be submitted, chairman arbitration council is bound to issue talaq certificate within 90 days after confirmation from both side.

    you may check the status of notice/application directly from concern union council , where papers has been submitted,

  2. 13/06/2017

    For talaq e mubarat do we need to sign every month orelse only once its enough and the certificate will be received after 90 days?
    Also I need to enquire if you have office in Lahore near Allama Iqbal town. The scenario is my friend wants is getting seperated from her husband. But she has a kid of 1 and half years. My friend resides in abroad. So she needs to make her childs passport. Basicaaly when she enquired about it. She requires the nikhanama which she has lost. So she needs to make new one and after making the passport of her child she needs to get the seperation papers signed. Can you please give me your contact number so that i can talk to you in detail about this scenario. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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