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Sir our opponent filed a suit for possession of land against us. This case was dismissed in session court for non-prosecution. The opponent applied for restoration of suite within three days but didn’t submit fard talbana. After 18 months of application, they submitted fard talbana and the court issued the notice to us. I want to ask about any legal ground for challenging time for submitting of talbana and issuance of notices.


  1. it seems that they filed application well in time and the court issued notices to you to contest the application, The conduct of party for non-submission of Talbana can be taken as a valid ground for its dismissal as if talbana was not submitted within time then it should have been dismissed by the court.

  2. 07/05/2018

    Sir in the proceedings order on tewelve consecutive hearings judge ordered as طلبانہ لفافہ رجسٹری جاری ہووے ۔ طلبانہ اندر دو یوم داخل ہووے۔ but appealent didn’t submitted the same until 12th hearing. After 12 hearings appealent submitted talbana and judge issued the notices. Can we chalange the time limit of submitting talbana.

  3. 07/05/2018

    Is there any time limit for submitting talbana after filing a suite?

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