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I have tenants who have been living in a house owned by me in Rawalpindi. One of the tenants along with his family including 3 adult sons has been living there for over 40 years. Until now they have been living there on the basis of verbal agreement only and no written legal agreement was signed as they are also our distant relatives. So far there have been no problems, they have been paying rent on time. Recently I’ve asked them to sign a stamp paper and have written an agreement in legal binding stating the amount of rent and notice period for eviction when asked to evict and they have agreed to sign it. My question is, considering that they have been living there for a very long time if we have this written agreement now, will they have any legal options in the future that could work against me and create legal problems for me when I ask them to evict my house if I want to sell it?


  1. Thank you very much for at least asking us on this issue. 40 years period definitely creates rights over the property. Luckily you got a chance. plz don’t waste it. Get prepare a tenancy agreement for 11 months only and there is no need to mention the previous record. t

  2. 17/07/2018

    Any particular reason for 11 months? can it be for a year or two years?

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