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Hi, I work for a firm. You know in Pakistan they don’t give you a contract. They simply hire you on monthly basis. The firm where I work is a registered firm & they didn’t pay me for more than 2 months. When I asked them to clear my payments, they refused giving it to me. And eventually, I’d to leave the workplace. Moreover, the bosses tortured me mentally & physically for the 2 months duration. I was harassed on multiple occasions. Is there any law to protect me? Is it possible for me to get my 2months salary which is around 1 lakh. Please guide me.


  1. Yes, you have many remedies. You may simply get your salary along with fine up to 4 salaries from Wages Authority or may file a recovery suit before the civil court along with damages for mental torture.

    Harassment is offence and you may file a direct complaint before Police (any women police station preferable)or may call women protection cell @ 1043 for protection and other legal help.

    If you require legal assistance you may visit our office for a consultation on this issue.

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