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Dear Sir,

1). I got new marriage on 25th Mar, 2016 with a divorced woman with a 6 year son; after my left (divorced) ex-wife who have medical problem.

2). From the night first she started demanding heavy gold jewelry as gift and other facilities which I cannot afford; as I am going job in a private company with low salary.

3). I live in a rental house only with my mother; she behaving harsh as mother ask to do daily routine house hold work.

4). She refuse to have more children; claiming she have tiered in life. (She had live 13 years in her ex-marriage life).

4). This Month of Ramazan she insist to go back her brother;s home to stay holidays. But did’t come back till today; as I visited her home to bring her back.

5). Now whole her attitude made me irritating and I want to get rid of her.

6). Now my wife’s brother called me and ask me to visit his house; I tell him to come my house; but he starting threatening if they come then it will not better and all that.

7). I called her uncle (as her parent has died); wfie’s uncle first convince to come my house and discuss the issue; but after some days he refuse to come and ask me to visit his house; when I refuse; he started threatening if I will not come they will kidnap me, torture and even cut my vein/murder (threat to me and my mother also).

8). Keeping in mind that her family is strong and notorious in their area; one of her brother-in-law is a local body councilor in the same area; some in police and his uncle is a businessman type don.

9). I have decided to get rid from my wife by giving her divorce; but in this treating situation we are afraid much and can’t do anything.

10). Kindly help/guide me; Please help me and save us from my wife’s family and get rid of my wife; as they can do any harsh act.
I am alone a working person in family; my father has died in my childhood. Please help us.


  1. please visit a lawyer first to get some courage. you may come to my office for consultation. in your case first of all you should get registered a FIR against your relatives and then may divorce your wife.

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