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Sir I’m the elder brother in my siblings living in Lahore for my job whereas my famliy (Parents , Younger brother and younger sister) lives in Bahwalpur. I’m married and having one child, I’ve been living in Lahare since 2012 for due to job and harldy goes to home usually on Holidays. It’s hard for me to continue my life in Bahawalpur so i shifted my family here in Lahore and decided to take my share and start a new life here with my child and wife but my family members turned against me due to this decision now they are saying we are not giving you any share I mean threatening me and also forcing me to divorce my wife whereas it was totally arrange marriage with their will.
My father and younger brotther handled the all matters because they live bahwalpur and i live in Lahore. My younger brother decieved me He was my partner in a plot and we sold that plot and build a house according to law that house should be transfer to me and my brother but he transfered the house to my mother and said when mother will die it’ll automatically be transfer to you. Same is the case with all other properties. My younger brother runs a farm house that was build by my mother inheritance so i’m also the partner there as well.
I need legal advice what action i need to take to get my share because they are enjoying their life with selling and purchasing of my mother property while i’m no where in any matter and living hand to mouth with my wife and child in Lahore.


  1. The Benami transction has been closed now, you cant claim the said transaction as Benami now coz its an offence in Pakistan,

    You may claim it a joint business/partnership investment and may file a suit for recovery of you share and rendition of accounts.

    After the death of your mother or father , the property shall be divided between all share holders (all brothers and sister as per share).

    you alone cant get the full share left by your mother.

    you may visit our office for discussion on this issue.

  2. 30/03/2017

    i want to clarify that i don’t want to get full share of my parents property i believe in justice and equality. It’s my younger brother who is making my family members against me he deceived me. Actually we build the house recently which was build up by me and my younger brother money so according to law we (me&younger brother) deserved to be the equal partner of that house he took my I.D card and photos and kept me saying that House transferring process is in progress and now i got the call from my mother that she is the owner of this house and if you want your share you need to divorce your wife.
    So it’s not as simple as it seems Family members are against me and they want to kick me out without any share.

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