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Someone entered our house and tried to rape our maid in the servant quarter where she lives. He failed and fled when the maid screamed loudly for help.

We suspect it was the boy who lives right next to her quarter and works for our neighbors.

Our neighbors have turned aggressive instead of helping us question the boy. They are now turned abusive and as turned to character assassination of the maid. . So, the victim has become the accused, which is typical of our society in these cases. No one wants to talk about or focus on that some one trespassed my home and attempted a rape. Focus is how the maid is of loose character .

I wanted to get the finger prints from the crime scene but the a friend in the police said that that is not possible.

In this situation how can the law help?

Thank you for your time.


  1. First of all, get registered a FIR with concern police station, only then police ll investigate the case and samples for finger print shall be collected by the forensic lab.

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