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AoA. I need help. I m living with my mom & brother is abroad. We hv some issues . My brother sent me to rehab center @sadaqat clinic murree as a punishment after few months of fight . He trying to prove me a psyco . After 3 monthd i m back. Now He threts me to do it again and also threat me to kidnap my son . I m divorced with a 7 year old son. Kindly help me what should i do . I m healthy not a mental patient but he is trying to make me a patient. We have some property issues bcoz of this he is doing all this to me. Kindly advise me


  1. its a serious issue , it ll be better to visit our office with your documents. you may also get a fitness certificate / declaration from a medical board through a court of law..

  2. 13/07/2017

    Which docoments required? & what is the procedure for getting fitness declaration..?

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