Salam, Last month we gave our upstairs portion on rent. The contract is 1 year long. It also includes a signed agreement which says we can ask them to leave any time, and they will have to vacate in one month. Both parties signed this agreement in the presence of a witness. The problem is they are nothing like they told us. They have a lifestyle that doesn't suit us. They wake up in the afternoon, go to sleep around 3-4am, and constantly have guests coming to visit. There are always 5-6 cars outside our home. I live downstairs with my parents who are both old and sick. These tenants are giving them a lot of anxiety. They have talked to them multiple times about leaving. We even offered to pay full price for anything they had bought for the house. However they just laugh at us and tell us not to worry. We are too afraid to give them the notice. Even though it is a legal document, my father is very afraid this will get dragged into court. We have nobody who can fight a court battle. My parents are sick, I have to be with them on a daily basis. My brother lives outside the country. We are afraid of losing the home. One of the guys has a car sales business and he has many men coming and going. I am even afraid of them beating me up. Please advise me about what to do.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 by khandawn99


  1. you may file an ejectment petition before rent controller court. if tenant violated the terms and condition of the rent agreement. It’ll be much better to visit our office for a detail consultation and to discuss the available option for your case.