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I’m 30 Years old Man, Married (having one son of 3.5 years old), i’ve done with my 14 years of Education, a Pakistani National. There is a Person who owns some stores in USA. Now he agrees to send me an invitation from USA for a visit or a Job. I want to take a benefit to have some good history of my passport (So far my Passport History is Nill). I want to visit USA even for one day or else. What documentation is Required? How long will it take? What could be the minimum expenditure for that? I hope to hear from you shortly in this regard.


  1. here I can only suggest you, please first do hv some visits of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to get a visit visa of USA and a good keep a good balance in your account min 30 Lac only. It ll better to visit our office for detail consultation.

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