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My question is, do I have to go to go to police or court ask them ask my in laws to allow me visiting my sons as i am separated for last 3 months not legally,no divorce or khula applied till now but as my wife willingly living in her parents house and her parents and her 2 brothers threatend me that they will kill me if i try to knock their door even and so they are not letting me meet my sons, I tried to involve some relatives but they did not even listen them.
My wife is not attending my calls or replying text mesges.My sons ages are 4 years and 2 years.
My father in law 1 month before asked the relative to tell me to buy a new house on her daughter’s name then he will think about sending his daughter and even let me meet my sons but I can not afford to buy a house right now as I am already living with my family house and earning hand to mouth to support the needs of my children and wife and house hold. Any ways
I am really missing my sons and I only want to see or meet them even once in a week,
what’s my standings??


  1. Aoa. You hav to file petition before guardian/family court for visitation rights to see your chilfren and also you can file suit for comjugal rights against your wife. For further guidance. Contact at 03334598315

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