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Slam Sir,

I purchased a Dryer Machine (Spinner) of Boss electronics at March 2017 and its Warranty Expired at March 2018 i.e. 1 year warranty
But when I read the policies and instructions on warranty card. It was written something like:
1 year parts warranty and 3 years Motor warranty
after 8-9 months usage it stopped working, but Unfortunately I couldn’t contact them Because I’ve lost the purchasing receipt, but its found now.

So, I took the dryer to an electrician for examine as Company instructed me and said He works under their panel.
Electrician Told after examine the Dryer that its main Motor (about which they mention has 3 years warranty) has the fault and you have to get a new motor.

I spoke to Boss electronics and told them the whole story, they clearly denied that they aren’t responsible now and they warranty card you got is an old warranty card, now company policy changed and Its only 1 year warranty. So they are making us fool by simply saying that warranty card is old printed and you got old warranty card, Question is, It is Customer Fault whose fault is this,

Please let me know either I can file a case against them and what will be the process and what about the charges of this whole process because one will not spend higher than the cost of the product.



  1. yes. you may sue this company. first, send a legal notice and then file a suit before consumer court.

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