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I have two children alhumdulillah , 3 year Nd 12 months, my wife want to tease me she is under her parents mental control, she wants khulah, kindly tell me what amount will i pay her,if God Forbade this happen, my salary is round about 80 thousand private frm.i do extreme hard struggle.i want her at my home but she pin point everu single issue with harsh words, I do not want to use the seperate word because Allah does not like this word talak.


  1. maintenance for wife or children ….?

    If the wife gets khula then she is not entitled for maintenance but you have to pay the maintenance of minors. Maintenance of minor is decided according to living style of parties and income of father. It may be fixed from 6 to 12 thousand per minor per month. It ll be better to discuss your case at our office. Thanks

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